E-cigarette: precautions in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding

Published on : 05 March 20203 min reading time

In the wish to avoid the risk of malformation of the baby and to preserve his good health. Many women use the e-cigarette during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, does it not represent a real danger to the foetus?

Characteristics of the electronic cigarette

The e-clope is known for its property of substances that are not dangerous for vaporizers. It is composed of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycerol, flavorings and nicotine. These substances play different tasks in all areas: pharmaceutical, chemical and even food. However, they also hold its distinct roles in the development of the electronic cigarette to vaporize in a satisfaction similar to tobacco.

As a result, no study has not confirmed its consequences on the human body, apart from the burning of the throat. Some doctors advise their patients to switch to this device in order to quit smoking for good. It contains neither tar nor combustion as a whole. So, it is very effective for continuing medical treatment, but in the possibility of gradually leaving smoking.

The e-cigarette during pregnancy

In general, a pregnant woman is obliged to abstain from smoking. However, doctors propose the electronic cigarette to achieve this. In addition, they must undergo detoxification to cleanse the respiratory tract. However, others also advise the patch and gums to perform this action on other women to provide oxygen to the baby.

In the composition of the e-clope, harmful substances on the fetus are suspected. The study casts doubt on the aromas, they are very active organic elements that can settle in the blood and cause difficulties. On the other hand, this is without confirmation and humbly deserves a thorough analysis in order to seriously know its effects on the unborn baby. Since that day, the vaporization saves the baby from carbon monoxide and other poisons in the smoke of the electronic cigarette.

The e-cigarette during breastfeeding

During childbirth, if the mother decides to breastfeed her child exclusively or mixed. It is always essential to think about the health of the child, because this is done in a relationship based on a consistent approach. In other words, breastmilk provides all the necessary requirements for the baby’s growth. Therefore, the use of any materials that are inadequate or that may cause effects on the child is not advisable.

In case the mother falls back into the temptation to smoke, the doctor recommends choosing the neutral and natural electronic cigarette to eliminate the risks that will disturb the normal growth of the baby.

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