E-liquid composition

Where does the nicotine in e-clopes come from and how to manage its dose?

Voluntarily, nicotine is the material present in tobacco. During vaporization, its effects act directly through lack of appetite and excitement in the brain. On the other hand, it is a favourable factor for an addictive reaction on the nervous system….

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What is Propylene glycol present in e-clopes?

Propylene glycol is an essential substance present in the ingredients of e-liquids for the manufacture of electronic cigarettes. However, this element is still ignored for vaporizers. For this reason, this article aims to inform about its purpose and clearly explain…

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What is the vegetable glycerin present in e-clopes?

Vegetable glycerin is a considerable element to complete the manufacture of the electronic cigarette. However, many vaporizers are unaware of its existence and its usefulness in e-clopes. The reason for this article is to reveal its purpose, as well as…

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Natural flavors, artificial flavors, what are they made of?

The presence of flavours is very important for a vaporization.¬†On this article, together releasing the source of creation of flavors on the electronic cigarette, and its components. The different components of flavors and its manufacturing methods The flavors of the…

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