Side effects

Effects of the e-cigarette on the upper airways, nose and throat

The electronic cigarette is increasingly famous in the world of smoking. It seduces almost all vaporisers by its practical and safe use. Conversely, excessive consumption always promotes undesirable effects in the upper airways: the nose and throat. Let us discover…

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Effects of the e-cigarette on lung capacity and lungs

The e-cigarette is several elements that make it meet the need for nicotine in the blood of vaporizers. As for frequent vaporization, some consumers discover changes in lung capacity and lungs? Let’s confirm the explanations in this article. The ingredients…

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Effects of the e-cigarette on the heart and brain

A conventional cigarette smoker risks his or her health because of the toxic components in tobacco. When switching to e-cigarettes, the dangers are removed, but still cause effects on the heart and brain. Follow this article to clarify the doubts…

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E-cigarette: precautions in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding

In the wish to avoid the risk of malformation of the baby and to preserve his good health. Many women use the e-cigarette during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, does it not represent a real danger to the foetus? Characteristics of…

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