Effects of the e-cigarette on the upper airways, nose and throat

The electronic cigarette is increasingly famous in the world of smoking. It seduces almost all vaporisers by its practical and safe use. Conversely, excessive consumption always promotes undesirable effects in the upper airways: the nose and throat. Let us discover in this article these impacts and the precautions to adopt in order to reduce or banish them definitively.

The electronic cigarette

Also known as e-clope, this method of vaporizing almost exclusively replaces the tobacco market. According to analyses and research, it represents positive results in the lives of smokers. It is favourable for reducing the desire to smoke. In particular, the e-clope is completely different from the classic cigarette. The latter gives off smoke, while the current fashionable cigarette comes out of the steam.

The composition of the electronic cigarette

The elements taken into account in the e-clope are chemically based materials. They are found in several fields and prove its necessities in the manufacture of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dietetic and food products. An e-cigarette includes the following materials in order to complete its manufacture:
  • Vegetable glycerin: it plays a very important role in food. Rightly so, as the analyses are not yet carried out on this subsistence so no official statement has ever been made on its consequences. It is present in the electronic cigarette to increase the steam during steaming.
  • Propylene glycol: a fundamental element in the design of the e-cigarette. It is characterized as harmless, neutral and sticky. However, a use according to a standard is to be indicated to avoid inflammation of the throat.
  • Flavors: whether natural or artificial flavors, part of the composition of the electronic cigarette is seasoned with a fruit or mint flavor ... however, a scientist has found that these elements can cause lasting lung disease.
  • Nicotine: a necessity in the e-cigare because it causes a sensation identical to that of a traditional cigarette. On the other hand, its quantity is to be considered at the time to preserve the health of the vaporizer.

The effects of e-cigarette at the level of the upper respiratory tract

Officially, doctors do not divulge any fatal effects on its consequences as long as the nicotine dose and other substances in its manufacture are respected. In other words, the consequences are propagated in the time when the material of the vaporizer constitutes a large quantity of propylene glycol in the e-liquid. Also, after a vaporization of e-liquid too hot, an itching may occur in the throat "Hit". The amount of nicotine must be in medium dose to avoid it. In the period when a smoker leaves tobacco, he will grumble and eliminate the mucus present in his lungs. Consequently, coughing will occur when the cigarette goes from the cigarette to the e-clop.
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