What is Propylene glycol present in e-clopes?

Propylene glycol is an essential substance present in the ingredients of e-liquids for the manufacture of electronic cigarettes. However, this element is still ignored for vaporizers. For this reason, this article aims to inform about its purpose and clearly explain the reason for its presence in e-clopes.

Propylene glycol: chemical and its use

The PG is a chemical subsistence with different uses: in the pharmaceutical, industrial and agri-food fields. Also called diol or methyl glycol, it is in the hydroxyl category, i.e. a bond of two or more atoms with another equivalent. It is of biological type and is used in biochemical institutes for the conservation of the atmosphere. Propylene glycol has multiple uses and is used in various environments: technical and domestic. This is the reason for its presence in electronic cigarettes, for its stimulating effect of the molar. In addition, it is used as an emulsion product in perfumes, food flavorings. It is also conducive in the cosmetics, aeronautics and textile fields .

Propylene glycol and humanitarian health

As a result, the GP is favourable in several attributions, a question arises as to the benefits it offers on human well-being. For its constitution, a health analysis asserts that it contains remarkable toxic substances. On the other hand, a report from the Institut national de recherche et de sécurité or INRS states that the PG has recurrent poisoning elements, except for good use in moderate quantities. This result is based on an analysis based on a placental body resembling the human organism. Therefore, the PG does not present a hazardous hazard. Among other things, propylene still shows a secondary consequence for its use at high heat "vaporization". In other words, the use of PG in the electronic cigarette. However, this information has yet to be proven exclusively.

Good to know about propylene glycol

The sale of the GP is simple, but with foresight. For the information of sprayers, there are other substances that cause effects similar to the PG. It is therefore preferable to obtain it from suppliers approved for the spray destination to avoid lethal effects of the substance. Specialists advise sprayers to consume the PG in low doses in the liquid in order to reduce its impact on the lungs. It is indicated that a consumption of 1 gram daily is ideal. And finally, the most appropriate is to dissolve it with vegetable glycerin to protect health.
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