E-clope and young people: are we heading towards a decrease in the number of smokers?

Published on : 06 March 20203 min reading time

Many smokers who consume more than 20 cigarettes a day find that they need to cut down. Since the knowledge of the electronic cigarette, they have the courage to leave the cigarette and switch to the use of the e-clope. With the thought that this is a great help to achieve the goal. But how?

The effects of tobacco on smokers

Tobacco has negative effects on adolescent smokers. Both inside and outside the body are the victims of tobacco, especially on growing youth.

A factor in cancer because of its chemicals and the smoke that flies through the body. Also, it diminishes sexual capacity, precisely during the erection and lubrication phase. It causes difficulty in the airways.

For pregnant and breastfeeding women, it can disturb the growth of the future child. It subtracts the quality of milk transmitted by the mother. Therefore, it is the source of the baby’s health. It is contraindicated to smoke during this period to preserve the health of the child.

The electronic cigarette: a reducer of the number of smokers

Following a statement founded by the specialists, the e-clope plays its role in the effective and practical method of weaning. It is suitable for smokers: occasional, medium and heavy smokers. Whether a pregnant woman or a normal person, everyone finds satisfaction with e-clopes. Therefore, anti-smoking specialists command the use of cigarettes to reduce the number of smokers. In addition, many have found benefits by carrying out the treatment: return of taste, improvement of the upper respiratory tract …

Generally, the electronic cigarette is elements that will not harm the health of adolescents. On the other hand, for a beginner e-clope, it promotes an entry into smoking. Then comes the complication when the desire to quit smoking comes in the future.

Although the electronic cigarette is recommended, it is also important to follow all the instructions for loading e-liquid to avoid the hit or tingling in the throat.

Some tips for using the electronic cigarette

In order to switch to the use of an electronic cigarette, here are some practical tips to help young vaporizers to load the tank containing e-liquids.

Check the type of e-cigarette in your possession. Tighten the screw on the charger and connect it to the USB charger of a laptop. To recharge the e-liquids, wet the resistor with the liquid.

However, the model of e-cigarette matches the frequency of vaporization. There are several models depending on the need and habits.

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