The electronic cigarette: who is it for?

Smoking in traditional cigarettes causes nerve excitation in the brain. This is a serious health hazard. Currently, the electronic cigarette is making its appearance and attracts many smokers on the tobacco market. Let's discover in this article the electronic cigarette.

Definition of an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a device that produces artificial smoke. It is manufactured in China by Hon Lik in 2000. A tool that has a battery and an atomizer. It is also rechargeable by means of electricity. The atomizer has a resistance the e-liquid that metamorphoses into steam. The latter binds with a battery and a tank of e-liquid. On the other hand, the presence of other compositions such as flavor, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine also gives a feeling of smoking a real cigarette.

Is the use of the electronic cigarette threatening?

The invention of the e-clope is a way to reduce tobacco consumption, but vaporization does not help smokers to stop using cigarettes. This is a great action that begins on the psychological state of the vaporisers. The independence of the vaporisers requires considerable efforts to leave tobacco infinitely in the past. Compared to the electronic cigarette the toxic components of tobacco in the cigarettes is dangerous, moreover the ingredients of the e-cigarette like flavorings and vegetable glycerin are very natural. This is the reason for the results of analyses carried out by experts. Research confirms that it is less threatening to human health. It produces steam, which is different from the traditional cigarette. The latter pollutes and poisons the air with its smoke.

What are the methods of use of the electronic cigarette?

The use of the electronic cigarette requires knowledge on the use of its accessories: its charger, battery and e-liquids. To recharge the battery of the e-clope, know the type of cigarette you have, hundreds are sold and each one fits into its own categories. For example, an ego type requires a tightening of screws on the battery, and then extend it with the USB charger. The marking is the colour of the light on the alarm: red means that charging is in progress and green shows that the battery is full. The electronic cigarette is ready for vaporization. Then, to replenish the e-liquid, dip the resistance in the latter by adding a few drops on the cotton-covered parts on the tank of the e-clope. In the desire to alleviate the disadvantages of smoking, smokers prefer to switch to vaporization. Conversely, its use always deserves vigilance to preserve good health.
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