Has the e-clope opened up a new way to smoke cannabis?

Tobacco currently comes in the form of the e-cigarette. Steamers use it to reduce the risks of tobacco. However, it can be adapted with drugs such as cannabis.

Ingredients for the manufacture of cannabis e-liquids

Another way of smoking cannabis is the use of e-cigarettes. For the cannabis e-liquid, the following ingredients are needed:
  • Glycol propylene or PG of the food characteristic
  • A high degree of alcohol
  • Pruning residues or fresh heads
  • Aluminum foil, and a baking sheet
  • Two jars of canned food
  • A pan
  • Then a coffee filter.

Preparation of the electronic cannabis cigarette

The first thing to do is decarboxylation, i.e. transforming the THCA into psychoactive THC, put the aluminium foil on the hotplate. Spray the heads finely, then you have to classify them evenly on the aluminium foil. After placing the heads in the oven at a temperature of 11O-120 degrees for fifteen minutes, place it in the jar. As for the next step, pour the alcohol into the jar with the decarboxylated herb to completely cover the weed. Take the jar and fill it with 4 cm of water. To avoid heating the alcohol is not too much, just dissolve the decarboxylated herb and the alcohol. Air your room and light the cannabis mixture. Good to know: you have to ferment it and boil the alcohol in a container. Mix successively until you get the THC. The liquid will darken as soon as the alcohol vaporizes. And so on and so forth...

How to soften the composition of cannabis?

These are the last preparations made by the vaporizers to finish the cannabis e-cigarette. Put a sieve cloth in the container containing the cannabis mixture. Spread it on the cloth in the container. Press the element well in order to empty all the rest of the alcohol. Add the mixture softened with water and alcohol to a pot and bring to a boil. Keep stirring until 5 ml remains and thickens. Pour in the propylene glycol and a dark green e-liquid will appear after a few moments. If there is a preference, more propylene glycol can be added with the composition. The cannabis-based electronic cigarette is ready for vaporization. Store in a cool and isolated place.
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