How much money can I save by switching from tobacco to e-clops?

A long-term smoker knows deep down inside that he could have bought a car or built a house. This comes from the money she has spent on smoking. However, he will probably be able to realize his dreams through the use of the e-cigarette. But how? The answer can be found in this article.

Reduce his consumption

This section is intended for smokers who have intended to exclude or cut down on smoking. They have gone through the various means to achieve this: cure, patch... Some are almost finished for a few months, others for years. They are exceptional, those who have definitively left cigarettes out of their daily lives. However, these means have cost fortunes thrown out the window. They have been aware that smoking only destroys their health, trying to save a few millions to avoid undergoing a cure. So why not choose vaporization to reduce the desire to smoke and keep their health? It doesn't require special treatment since it doesn't cause as much medical danger. Moreover, it reduces the craving for smoking. The great thing is that the vaporisers find the same taste on the electronic cigarette as smokers.

Reduce your tobacco budget

A big reason to choose the use of the electronic cigarette is its renewable operation. In general, an e-clope can be used for many months. The battery that costs about 20 euros and can be used for months, regardless of the brand. The expenditure in one year for the electronic cigarette is about the expense divided by 6 by the budget of the conventional cigarette. In short, the consumption of the e-clope is more economical and profitable to make a very limited account in one year for an average vaporizer.

A small exercise in practical calculation

To realize the savings you can earn by switching to the use of the electronic cigarette, here's a little calculation to prove it mathematically: Let's take an example for a smoker of one pack of regular cigarettes a day (average smoker). For a week, he will consume 7 packs. And 7 packs for the 31 days of the month that gives 217. This result is to abound with the 12 months of the year. In other words, the smoker will exhaust up to 31,248 packs for a year. This is multiplied with the price of a classic cigarette packet which is rising from time to time. As for the electronic cigarette, it only requires seed funding for the purchase of the kit. Then, an e-liquid bottle to refill it is to provide once a week. The result is to be multiplied with the number of the year, which gives 48 bottles of e-liquid in one year. See that using the e-clope is very economical for the vaporizer.
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