I’m a beginner, how do I choose my e-clope model?

Published on : 06 March 20203 min reading time

Tobacco consumption is harmful to health, hence the invention of the electronic cigarette. In this section, outlining the reasons why smokers switch to vaporization as well as the models of e-clope that suit them.

The functioning of the e-clope

An electronic cigarette is a device consisting of a battery, an atomizer which is composed of a tank. The battery diffuses the current to the resistance to heat the tank. It is rechargeable with electricity, and there are different models.

As for the tank that is the constituent of the atomizer, it contains the e-liquid that is heated by this resistance to turn into steam. It is transparent in general to see the amount of liquid remaining.

The clearomizer is an important element of the electronic cigarette, it includes the entire reservoir, the resistance and the Drip tip. The latter is the material to put in the mouth to vaporize.

The causes of transition from tobacco to the use of e-clope

Some vaporisers have the ultimate conviction that the use of e-clopes has completely changed their lives.

Regarding health, the presence of combustion and tars in tobacco are harmful to smokers, the risks of lung disease. While the smoke of the e-clope does not cause any danger. Not officially as it is believed because no declaration has not taken place.

On the economic level, the use of e-clope cigarettes allows you to save money. Since you just need to recharge it instead of buying them. In addition, the price of tobacco continues to rise.

The feeling of being free to use tobacco since society does not prohibit vaporization in a public place. The e-clope gives off steam and not smoke so it does not disturb the neighborhood.

 The different types of smokers and models of e-clopes that correspond to them

Before knowing the different models of e-clope, it is necessary to distinguish the different ways of smoking:

An occasional smoker if his frequency is 10 cigarettes per day, the simple and discreet electronic cigarette is his ideal model. It is in the same shape as the classic cigarette so as not to notice too much difference.

A moderate smoker is one who needs 10 to 20 cigarettes to satisfy his need for nicotine. A model that gives off soft steam with a simple ego battery is its adapted electronic cigarette. Note the presence of a clearomizer with an adjustable hit on the diffusion of steam.

And for a smoker too much or heavy smoker, that is to say he consumes more than 20 cigarettes per day, its suitable model is the electronic cigarette with a clearomizer that can withstand a large amount of e-liquid with a battery of great autonomy.

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