Is this a gateway to smoking?

Smokers use all means to quit smoking, medicine uses different methods to accompany smoking to get out of its addiction zone. However, for beginners of the electronic cigarette, can this be another reason to enter into smoking?

A comparison on the electronic cigarette and the traditional cigarette

There is a big difference between smoking a cigarette and vaporizing an e-clope. They are quite distinct in terms of the required consequences as well as the benefits on usage and budget. Primarily, the cigarette has all the deadly consequences of tobacco and nicotine. Especially psychologically, it dominates the mentality of smokers by requiring frequent and deep consumption. Abundance is very difficult, even possible to never achieve it only through the use of different means of withdrawal such as the patch, gums and electronic cigarette. The cigarette attacks the lung and leaves the smokers' airways in danger. Aggravating is the presence of carcinogenic substances in its composition. Conversely the e-cigarette, it is recommended to reduce tobacco consumption in a smoker. Officially, it is without health concerns by its absence of toxic substances in its composition. It contains elements more than natural to supplement the need for nicotine in the body of a smoker. Moreover, the repetition of vaporization does not cause any impact on teenage vaporizers because it is made without chemical substances.

Why say that the electronic cigarette is a gateway to smoking?

The e-clope has nicotine that follows a quantity according to the need of the vaporizers. As for young people who begin to vaporize, this presents a risk of addiction to tobacco. On the other hand, by the effects observed by the e-cigarette, this must manifest itself in another direction. However, the first use of the electronic cigarette is more likely to build an access in smoking than those who have never practiced vaporization. This result comes from the need for nicotine in the blood. In search of total satisfaction of the latter, says psychiatrist and addictologist Dan Véléa "the e-clope creates a circle of initiation and new modes of consumption".

Remarks to be reported

According to the analyses from the workshops, they confirm exclusively that the e-clope is effective for quitting smoking. As a result, a large proportion of vaporizers say that their encouragement to continue vaporizing is the goal of quitting smoking cigarettes.
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