What are the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic cigarette?

The production of the electronic cigarette is increasingly widespread on the local and international market. Moreover, it attracts many smokers who think they reduce the adverse effects on their health. Similarly, the electronic cigarette favors its advantages over consumers, however all things have its undesirable results. But what? Let us discover together the opinions through this article.

About the electronic cigarette

Also known as e-clope, it largely replaces traditional cigarettes in the tobacco industry. It has the same concept as the latter, but instead of smoke, it produces steam. For this reason, consumers of the e-clope have adopted a new name that rhymes with the product: steamer. The development of this product, which is already in vogue, is a bit severe. It follows a preferential treatment on the medical level. For example, in case its nicotine possession exceeds 10 mg, on the packaging is mentioned: CE. Nicotine, which is optional, is found in a liquid called "e-liquid", which is stimulated by resistance. A recipe of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, added with the flavor of white or brown tobacco, fruit or chocolate. However, vendors do not acquire permission for the sale of the electronic cigarette. It is displayed on the Internet and in pharmacies.

Advantages of the electronic cigarette

The rate of inappropriate materials in the e-clope is reduced compared to the traditional cigarette. The latter constitutes nicotine and other products that actually deteriorate health. This is the reason for the remarks mentioned on its packaging. Also, carcinogenic fuels are banned from the e-cigarette, which makes it more suitable for over-steamers. Therefore, the electronic cigarette is less toxic than the conventional cigarette: patches, rubber, nicotine smokers. The use of the electronic cigarette does not require a special place because it does not give off tobacco smoke, which is disturbing for most non-smokers. It comes out of the steam without smell. It is more economical: subtracts the desire to smoke. It is cost-effective because its cartridge is refillable.

The disadvantages of the electronic cigarette

Although the use of the electronic cigarette is the way to avoid nicotine, the propylene glycol present in the e-liquid can become a poison to health by being overheated. In addition, it pushes teens to smoke too early and does not really help smokers become independent of tobacco. Each vaporizer must be aware of its frequency of vaporization, in order to reduce the risks.
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